The exhibition poster that appeared overnight throughout the city.

Jadwiga Charzyńska, Director of Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, Mayor of Gdańsk

It's an honor that our exhibition is a featured event of Łaźnia's 25th anniversary.

Sakhaya, Pei-De, Bill, and Ming.

The filmmaker Allegra Oxborough (center) with sound artist Grant Cutler (left) and art historian Joanna Walewska-Choptiany (right).

Ryszard W. Kluszczyński, Director of Art+Science Meeting Project, Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art; Professor and Chair of New Media and Digital Culture, University of Lodz

A viewer interacts with "Cybernetic Duchamp."

A crowd gathers before "Black or White? (Yin or Yang?)."

"Black on White? (Yin or Yang?)"

Two meet and play with "Cybernetic Duchamp."

A conversation with Ryszard W. Kluszczyński, Joanna Walewska-Choptiany, London Tsai, Ming Tsai, and Marek Rogulus Rogulski

After our conversation, we screened two films. The first "Tsai: Feedback Control" was made by Sophie Hamacher and London Tsai in 2014.

The second documentary "Forms of Balance" was made by Allegra Oxborough with sound by Grant Cutler, 2019-2023.