Sunday, our first day in Nowy Port, Gdańsk.

The mulberry tree outside of Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art was loaded with berries.

It was good to see these advertising columns with our exhibition on them.

The sculpture crates actually made it!

First thing we did was to open the crates and make sure nothing was damaged. Nothing was.

Discussing with our Łaźnia installation team: Marek, Magik, and Daniel. The biggest challenge would be the "Upward Falling Fountain."

Determining the height of the fountainhead.

Ryszard always has some ideas to share.

Working behind the scenes, Kacper makes sure Ryszard and Ming are on the same page.

Jadwiga comes by to check on our installation progress.

London and Bill working on "To the Ends of the World."

Sakhaya working on "Black or White? (Yin or Yang?)."

Bill and Ming tweaking the code to the new feedback control system.

Nothing escapes Jola--she has the sharpest eyes.

Attention to detail is everything.

Outside the walls of the Old City.

Across the street from Gdańsk Główny, the main train station.