the encaustic prints and some other works

Just over a year ago, before the pandemic, Eric Weinstein came to visit me in Soho, New York. There, he asked to see my math artworks and I climbed into my storage space and brought down painting after painting of works that I had wrapped in glassine paper and protective foam sheets years ago. Angry that these works had been stowed away and forgotten for so long, Eric asked me why they were not being exhibited. I had no answer. A couple days later, during our Portal podcast, he prodded me to make the works available, which I eventually did as “The Portal Prints.” The response has been surprising: I had no idea so many people would be interested in having these works in their lives.

Since March, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the upstate farm that my parents purchased nearly forty years ago. Going through the many things in storage here, I recently came across two large boxes of paintings that I had forgotten about. They are mostly encaustic paintings made around 2008 from conversations I was having at the time with mathematicians, mostly algebraic geometers. As I’m sure Eric would be furious to know these works have been hiding in another dark crawl space, I’ve decided to share a few of them along with drawings I made this year and a couple paintings from 2002, the difficult year after 9-11. I hope you enjoy them.

The "Select" sizes indicated are the paper sizes: images will be printed so that there is a modest border for title and signature. All prints are signed. The larger Limited Edition prints are signed and numbered. Domestic and international shipping is calculated at checkout. The rates are reasonable and often we end up sharing the cost. Thank you for your patience and interest.

December 2020

West Camp, NY